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Apr 8, 2016

H - Housekeeping

Like everything else one thing that has changed over a period of time is my penchant to have things in order the OCD me transforming into the other extreme where cleaning is done only on an as needed basis... phew never a balance you see...

It all started with an OCD kid in the making, the one who could never focus on things if something was crooked or out of place even by 1/100th of an inch.  The panicky mom that I am takes a resolution to change that and now here we are both relaxing lazing around the piles of to-fold laundry, the to-do laundry overflowing in 1... na 2.. na 3 hampers, clothes pressed on when you need and eeks this is absolutely creased we need to... the dishwasher waiting to be emptied and you get the gist...

thinking of hiring a cleaner, so that explains it all....

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Floridamom said...

Hi, Just dropping by from the A to Z Challenge.

Balance is hard. I am not a natural housekeeper, yet I had to start at an early age to help my single working mother. I'm at a point in my life where I feel like I'm done. Hiring someone does sound good, doesn't it?

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