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Apr 13, 2016

K - Kindness

Being kind is the simplest thing that one can do, we need not go out of our way to make someone feel special or give us their best of the smiles.  Children by default do that, spread joy through their smiles which they are kind enough to show on everyone and anyone they see and who they don't feel scared of or threatened by.

Random acts of kindness do give immense pleasure, something as simple as letting the other person go in front of you in a grocery line, offering to hold the lift door or the door when the person has 2 handfuls of stuff to hold on to, things as simple as these.  Kindness is not something one has to try hard to inculcate it has to be the second nature of an individual and then the human race would be an ideal lot :).

Consciously I have made it a point to do or say a good thing, however small it might be every single day whenever and wherever possible.  It does not take too much to genuinely appreciate an individual and if it brightens up somebody's day, there is nothing like it.

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