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Apr 14, 2016

L - Love

Everything that we do in life is with love, otherwise it does not have a meaning, at least to me.  I have realized one thing of late that "loving yourself" is the most important thing.  Well, it might be but natural 'cos that is what I was destined to being the typical Linda Goodman style Arien :-) whose first love is supposedly "I, Me, Myself".

The first, foremost and the most precious love that I had known or can recollect is that of my grandparents, strangely yes, it is was amma and taatee and not my mom and dad, maybe because that is where I grew up most of my preschool life.   They were poor, had to take monetary help from my parents to give us what "extra benefits" (fancy clothing, hyd-suitable lifestyle, all that) our parents wanted us to have but still nothing compared to the food that tasted the yummiest in spite of simple ingredients, no frill comfy clothing and completely organic fresh lifestyle free from pollution and lots and lots of attention, it was love everywhere and that mattered the most.

Then the parental love, mom worked hard at job and at home to give what she thought was the best, good education, good upbringing, good values.  I remember dad showering all his love on me vaguely but then it stops there, I cant recollect anything more maybe that anger in me is blocking those childhood moments.

Sibling love, one who has gone through every single thing that I had gone through as a child, maybe the only one who comes closest to myself to actually understand how I turned out to be me, my fears, my insecurities, my stubbornness, my strengths, my weaknesses my everything, my rock solid pillar.  It is a strange relationship where we hardly talk around 2 to 3 times a year yet I know he is there for me and vice versa.

Love from friends that kept me going through highs and lows, support and encouragement, unconditional love, my guardian angels without wings who have taken care of me without expecting anything...

Then came some infatuations, crushes and major crashes and finally a love which turned out to be a decision to spend the rest of our lives together and here we are, are we still in love, yes we love the fact that we are destined to be together and love the security that we have each other, that we have a common factor to glue us together, a child that we brought into our lives.  It is not all rosy anymore but there are no thorns either.

AND it is only after the birth of my daughter that I actually understand and relate much more to all the types of love that I have ever experienced.  LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT... the kid all covered in gooey mess, just cleaned up and placed in front of me, a pink leaf-thin tongue sticking out and licking me and that is when everything else falls into a perspective.  Nothing else matters more than her.  I am not sure how I would react to a child of my child or if I would be alive to feel that but I know one thing for sure nothing has been or will be the same once you feel that gushing love for a child, your own flesh and blood.

How can this post be complete without my true and one and only love, the "Almighty" the purest of pure forms of love.

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