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Apr 15, 2016

M - Memories

Memories, ever present, ready to descend on us the moment we knock their door.  The treasures that we gather over a lifetime, some times like our friends bringing in fragrance of the past and at times enemies rippling up the calm surface for a long long time.  Wanted, unwanted, invited, uninvited, memories are our constant company just a call away, soothing you, ruffling you, healing you of pain, causing a series of pain, all at once in a moment of seconds hand in hand with our thoughts...

Memories we want to share with our loved ones, memories that we would not want anyone to know, those that we want to forget so badly like those scary bad dreams you vaguely remember on waking up and then actually completely forget.

Some I want to bring back time and again, to live in that warmth like the voice of my grandmother, the touch of my grandfather, that feeling of sleeping in her lap... the scents in the kitchen that remind me of her, those taste buds that crave for the exact same taste of her handmade food, that protective hand of my grandfather, that look of concern in his face when he thought or knew I was hurting, those childish games, running around in the comfort of their home, every thing that I can give anything to get back to but know I cant.

Some I want to shut out completely, not even think to myself, some things I did, things that happened, choices that I made, options that I did not take, people I disappointed, career path, the way I let it go.

and then there is this eternal reminder to live in present and not in memories and come back to the moment on hand, NOW and wonder what kind of memory this present would make..

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Arti Jain said...

Hi Sree, I clicked on your blog at random. Visiting you from A to Z. Love your post on memories, especially, the last line--'wonder what kind of memory this present would make.'
BTW, your grandparents sound just like mine:)I miss them, too.

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