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Apr 16, 2016

N - News (Nuisance and New Sense)

News from all over India and World News, I remember waiting for that round ball and that DD tune, first "praanteeya vartalu" then Jaateeya vartalu and late at night prapancha varthalu.  we used to look at TV with quite a lot of interest to know what is happening, which Summit, what olympics, what new budget, just the important and crucial information, important and meaning discussions.  Programs like Surbhi, intelligent and informational.  Now switch on a TV, all sorts of nonsense, celebrity gossips, political garbage, a couple fights, a boyfriend and girl friend make a ruckus,with 24/7 airtime, we get everything but useful news, more of a nuisance and the new sense that it is full of nonsense and often makes you feel that we can do away without knowing what they want to feed us.  Each party has a channel, a paper which acts like promotional videos 24/7 and party manifestos or daily newsletters doing nothing mudslinging on everything and every one opposing that party in question.

New words coined, new issues brought forth to keep the TRPs rolling, pushing the mike in front of a mom whose kid just died as to how she feels, disgusting!!

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