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Apr 17, 2016

O - Outdated, Old

My birthday and what a coincidence, as I get old I get the alphabet O on this day.  It seems like ages since I have been inhabiting this earth, less and less of people we call grandparents, lots and lots of kids calling me aunty :).  Except for the lack of stamina, it does not really bother me much.

Finally I have that single strand of white hair which technically is a starting point of "old" and as the adage goes it is absolutely true, you are only as old as you think you are...

Old movies, old songs, old friends, old people are still my favorite things.

Outdated I am in various ways, career wise, technology wise and also contemporary trend wise......

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Timothy Brannan said...

You are only as old as you feel!

I have plenty of grey hair, but I don't feel old at all.

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