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Apr 18, 2016

P - Photos

One of the things that makes me happy is looking at pictures of mine, my friends and random people trying to figure out their exact feelings at the time of the captures, the moments that were frozen in print or on the camera.  It gives me immense pleasure to go back to that time with a smile on the face or a sadness at the memory of the loved ones who are not there with us either physically or at a distant place.  I used to cherish a camera, the good old roll camera where prints needed to be developed, stored in albums, stick ons or  slip ons, brought out time and again.  There was a value for the moment and we revisited often.  In the midst of all the digital pics that we take, everywhere and anywhere from the digicams, handicams, the smart phones and of course the latest craze of selfies.

I used to love photography at some point and when I could not afford a decent camera, one of my dreams was to buy a camera but then after I could, it never really clicked.  Looking through the lens was never my forte as such or let me put it this way, I could not just do it at the pace I wanted to and the spark just died off.  I am amazed at the number of pictures some people take, every where and anywhere, the distorted faces, the pouted lips, the selfies so much so that they forget to live the moment, everything for the picture, smiles, poses and worst part is the wedding photographers, it is like no one can see the event happening live in front of the eyes with their own 2 eyes, only on screens, or some gaps between the hovering lights, camera, cousins with cams, phone cams, etc.

Watching the event live, resisting the urge to take n number of pictures, letting the designated camera persons to do the needful should be good or at least I have realized that.  When the kid performs, we watch it, I prefer enjoying the moment, retaining that feel.  I have thousands of photos and videos I have not gotten back to in a long long long time and if I had continued at the rate I took them in the first year of kids life I would have taken millions of them by now.  If I miss this moment trying to film it than enjoy it, I can never live the moment.  Yes memories are important, they should be made along the way, they should be natural, not manufactured smiles, pretension rather than real feeling, I might not get along with the person next to me but the moment a cam comes on, the actor in me takes a plunge and yes we look like the best buddies all plastic smiles plastered over...

I am not saying everyone is like that or every moment is like that.  we need to capture the moment at that moment and then let it go, not get hung up on it.

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