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Apr 20, 2016

Q - Quantico

 At this point in time, the crazy cranky me has got hooked on to Quantico and of course what else would I be doing watch it back to back whenever possible.

I actually thought of writing a post on Quest, Questions and Queer whatever or all 3 put together but given the fact that I skipped a day to post but not skipped watching an episode makes it worthy of the post.  I have stopped checking out any series on netflix or just because of the fact that they are readily available at one place and then there is no stopping me whatsoever until I finish it.  Yes, I liked it, there was this initial suspense but down to 13 and still not able to figure out a thing is not actually gripping but kind of getting boring but then me being me will see the end of it and get up to date.

Priyanka is good, better than expected, the fact that she ended up in this major role is commendable and must agree she is doing a great job.

PS:  I must confess that though I want to really put my heart into it and write good, these days out of sheer exhaustion at the end of the day, I am posting without thinking or am posting stuff that need less thinking....

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