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Apr 26, 2016

X - X-Mas

The spirit of Christmas is so infectious here in US, everything so bright, nights are so lit up and pretty, Santa in the malls, songs on the radio, happiness everywhere.. festival in the truest sense.  Coming from India where almost every other week is a festival if we celebrate, it comes as a change.

Brightly lit streets remind me of Diwali at home, the red and gold the bright colors from the sober colors we usually get see on people outside, the egg nogg, the Christmas trees, the yard decors everything cheery....

This year, the child got her own little Christmas tree, decorated it the way she liked the best and was happy making me happy... This is the only festival she knows is celebrated given that we don't believe in any family rituals at home and nothing specific is done.


Susanne Matthews said...

You seem to be ahead of the game. Just dropping by from the A to Z Challenge

Sree said...

I just realized... I did not give breaks on Sundays...

Lissa Johnston said...

Our Xmas tradition can be a tremendous amount of work. I must admit I have skipped the big decoration froo-frah a couple of years and really didn't miss it :)

Barn & Beach said...

OOOoooo wishing for Spring, summer n Autumn before thinking of those dark winter days again.
Just Visiting

Judy Goldman said...

Here from the challenge and am glad the child got her own tree to decorate!
Congrats on reaching the end of the challenge.

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