There is neither a structure nor a texture to this blog. The subject matter can be anything and everything under the sky that I feel about at any given point that I happen to sit and blog rambling about everything in general. My thoughts and views are basically influenced by what I read, hear, gather, and ponder... if there is any copyright violation which I have not duly acknowledged, kindly let me know.

My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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May 2, 2016

People and Perceptions

I was just looking at the video of Sreeja's wedding and was wondering how could one be so ridiculous and heartless in commenting about an individual at this time.  All one could see was the love of the father and the family for a child who had erred once, that unconditional love only the parents could shower on the kid.. no one else but the parents.  It is amazing how people's minds work, to take so much of negativity in everything...

That aside,  I am fairly regular, rather an extremely active participant in social media but of late i just check the latest updates and make sure i comment on a few at least only to realize that a few of my very good buddies feel offended about not responding and thank God, they were open enough to ask and clarify that nothing is wrong and OF COURSE nothing is intentional anyways...  that sets me thinking that we dont get to go in a shell in a society, selectively or partly or unintentionally if there are your buddies they will pull us out or they get into another shell altogether where we are left to worry whatever happened????  

May 1, 2016

Spring in the step and in life

It was raining all day, the kid had first day of soccer all of them played in the field in the rain... loads of shopping done, the rain washed off the pollen a bit, the greenery all the more green, new beginnings, flowers everywhere... loving it though it does feel like winter still and not spring, there is spring in the kid's step and there is spring everywhere around...

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