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Nov 21, 2016

Raw thoughts....

I supported the big-note stopping right from the outset but when a friend asked why the people who support are actually supporting by listing out what she did not find convincing... I was thinking through my fingers...

I cant talk of all the supporters but as to the reason why I support it is I am fed up because I cannot make enough money to have a decent shelter on my head, cant make enough to put my child through forget a reputed school a decent enough school which focuses on kid's future and not theirs, I am tired of having to pay money to get what is my right everywhere lancham lenide pani jaragadu constable ninchi watchman daaka, emante jeetam takkuva kharchulu ekkuva antaaru.

Taxeski TDS unte govt. ki eltundi lekapote avasaramaa nenu govt. services emi vaadukunnaale ani egese mindsetlo perigaanu idi tappu ani kooda anipinchanantagaa naa bloodlo adi cheripoyindi, ilaa continue autoo unte where will it lead to??

Naaku akkada nacchadu kaabatti nenu convenientgaa NRI life lead cheyyaali anukuntunna, tellodu ni choosi bhayam, nallodini choosi bhayam, anni sardukupotoo kooda India ellalante bhayam kaabatti ikkade undipovaali, GC procedure problem lekundaa aipovaali anukuntoo kids ki ide correct ani sardicheppukuntoo try chestoo unna I know it is my insecurity more than her future.

Change raavali anukuntaa adi elaa vastundo teliyadu, naa vantu cheyyaali anukuntaa edo chesaanu ane anukuntaa but edi work avvaledu, intalopu naa life aipoyindi naa kooturidi modalutundi ani artham ayyi aa aaratam inka perugutundi but i am helpless. Someone is trying to make it better, so nenu vaadini tittanu, full chance istaanu, adi tappa right evaru tappinchukunnaaru, evariki benefit ani doubt padanu, nenu completegaa wait chestaanu. maybe chaala mandi ilaage alochistoo untaaru short, nenu Indialo naakocchedaanito honestgaa batakalenu kaabatti ikkada undaali anukuntunna, so i am hopeful, I am positive and most importantly I WANT IT TO WORK...

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