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Dec 25, 2016

Movies This Week

At the risk of sounding unpatriotic to the exclusive FB-moral policing gang ;)Dangal as expected turns out to be a wonderfully executed script with some really good performances by the freshers Fatima and Sanya and for once someone else in the same frame as Amir steals the thunder from him.  Though the pace seems slow and feels like a drag at times, I guess that is needed to validate the victory at the end.

Much against the general feel that these actors make more on such biopics than the real sports person, I do tend to feel many out here like me would not have known of their existence in the first place and still the world would go on.

Ramu strikes again, the film title and promotions triggering a controversy over nothing, building up hype and expectations and the output turns to be a bummer for those who expect to see anything more than diplomatic view...!

The movie has his trademark gory violence as well as human element to those crimes, could have done away with kumari and wedding song and those extreme visuals. BGM, taking, recreating that era, artists, performances, very good.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, every individual who grew up in those times would have an idea of the incidents and the stories passed down to the younger ones through eavesdropping or active participating in the discussions of adults.  The move is exactly what we knew happened, so I am sure the other party would be offended.  In fact I am surprised it is not titled Devineni 'cos as RGV says if it is the emotional aspect of the rowdyism, then it seems as if it is seen through the eyes of Nehru.  If we happen to follow Nehru or what he has maintained throughout, with a slight dramatization, it is just the same.

Vangaveeti, like RGV has maintained, is shown as the start and end of rowdyism, gang killings starting with Chalasani ending with Ranga and we end up having a soft corner or at least an understanding of Nehru and his popularity.

Contrary to the belief that the involved parties encourage caste-ism, I believe that it is the politicians that used the cast card to trigger unrest.  I agree totally that if Ranga, used caste, it was just to put the opposite party and the government in defense and thereby maybe attempted to save himself.  No matter how careful and manipulative one is, sometimes intense emotions prevail and nothing comes to rescue.  Student emotions, the blur between the rowdies and students, the settlements in the name of student politics, the unfortunate fact that politics play a major role in college days is shown.

To give him his due, taking out kamma kaapu song, whatever context it would have been in, there is nothing related to caste or any inclination towards the same.

If people had expectations that RGV, would have showed anything explosive in the movie, then they certainly have not understood him or his antics as of yet.  As is the norm, there is more explosive context outside of the movie between Radha Jr. and RGV than on screen.

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