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Dec 31, 2016

Political Wrapup..

There is no doubt that with CBN at the helm of affairs of the state, I feel much more comfortable, secure and confident about future than anyone else in that place in the foreseeable future. Leaving the year 2016 on a very positive note for the state.  Once I read the news of Recce or increased threat for him, the 1st thought that comes to mind is the number of tragic deaths in TDP, be it due to accidents or Maoists.  From the bottom of my heart, I do pray that he is safe and lives to be a 100 (touchwood).

 Modiji majority of indians do like "sacchaayi and Acchaayi" and have shown that they stand by these values in spite of all odds. Jantaa has done its part BUT your Sarkaar is yet to catch up as we still await cracking of whip on people who are found with lakhs of crores of rupees in new currency to begin with... Forget unearthing what they have been doing with the old currency over years, parallel economy or whatever and yes I might not be the only one who feels your latest address seems more like Satsang on "Aastha Channel."  and this means a HATS OFF to each and every person who made it possible in spite of the seemingly monkey business of government in implementation.  I still pray and hope and dread the prospect of having be led by Rahul or some puppet under Rahul and Sonia yet again and still believe that Modi will succeed in whatever he started to do.

AND it gives me creeps looking at the lady Sasikala, standing strong and so powerful in spite of all the bigwigs suspecting foul play in the death of iron lady JJ.  Her oath as GS of AIDMK all seems so disgusting and listening to her say "Makkal Naan, Makkal Kaaga Naan" in a voice that was never heard earlier somehow seems so evil and criminal.  SN as I have seen maybe a good friend or a soul sister or better still a personal caretaker whose family looted TN in the name of JJ should just have been a caretaker and not a successor.  That void left by the most well-read, graceful, dignified lady to be filled by Sasikala, to me, is a personal disaster.  Rest in Peace JJ.

Speaking of hierarchy and family in politics, the yadav clan beats them all and as the drama unfolds hope at least now people understand what they are voting for.

Rahul and Jagan in the meanwhile continue to reiterate the fact that we should be thankful that they are not ruling us yet and keep us toes to never let that happen.

JP is back to educating us and I hope his voice gains more strength and support from all the quarters and emerges as a biggest whistle blower in the politics.

PK...??  I hope he starts his groundwork to choose candidates and does a lot of groundwork picking the right people and take it from there if he is really serious about helping people by entering politics rather than his random "item" and special appearances.

Looking forward to going back home seems like bringing in that essential "life" back into life at this point..

Have a happy new year....

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