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Dec 21, 2016


I don't believe Vangaveeti is going to be his last Telugu film like everyone else ;)  who was present at the venue.  It is just a matter of time before something controversial catches his attention and he unleashes it on us... this was what I had predicted while still watching the event and yes by the end of it looks like he might do Siva-2 and maybe a few more... and wait, coming to that who is going to watch "Naeem" or "Sasikala" in Bollywood or maybe he will they did watch Killing Veerappan right.  With Ramu anything is possible any time.

Coming to this one, I am extremely curious as these are events closer to home and emotions of quite a few of those who associate with Vijayawada, a so-called biopic which is difficult to digest and convince people who have strongly biased beliefs on events, incidents and people about to be unveiled on screen 2 days from now.

The trend of making biopics on people still alive and immediately when the incidents take place seems to be on rise.

For a person born in Krishna District and associated with Vijayawada and belonging to either of the so-called "saamajikavargam" in the whole equation, emotions would be high.  A generation like mine grew up on stories of pre and post Ranga days, the people of these 2 castes or communities still do not get along well or just put up appearances and each section wants to believe that the other is at fault.  There is no denial that post-Ranga incident, Vja has changed a lot for good after all the property damage and stuff but people do have bitter memories of the violence outbreaks.

A distant relative was shot dead, he was a doctor and he was killed because he opposed the damage that was being done to the hospital premises or something like that which I dont remember clearly now.  Horror stories of loot, burning/damaging properties, and violence haunted people for a lot of days.  My firsthand experience was that one of my maama's was in Hyd and his family was in Vja and hearing the news he rushed back, everyone was so stressed out as we communications were not this good, no mobiles and even phones were not common in households back then, he started and took a lorry or any mode of transport he could find at that point to reach Vja and we did not know if he reached as there were no telephone booths open, my parents were tensed and somehow we got to know all was well but the fear was palpable in everyone.

When OA was excited and decided to watch the movie, to be honest I was not sure if I wanted to see the person glorified in spite of the fact that he is dead and did not have anything to do with the aftermath, I had my reservations because I grew up listening to "one" version of the story and I am sure a lot of others might have grown up believing the "other" version.

Raktacharitra was made and maybe it might have had similar impact on people and followers of Ravi and Suri in their area... Like the OA says oorlo pelliki kukkala hadavudi, (yes, I did not grow up in Vja so he teases me when I get touchy about that place).

Fan following to rowdies, gang wars, college fights they all sound so villainous to me now but there must be a generation of kids who got swayed into this, chadulu maanesi, future choosukokunda, misplaced heroworship and all that and it is even more unsettling we make movies on them and portray them as heroes for those who might not know and need not know...

Now, I am past that reluctance phase and hoping it would release somewhere close and I get to watch the premiere show.. me and my first day first show picchi.

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