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Jan 6, 2017

Knives and Girls

The reason I am in awe of JJ in spite of charges of corruption or her self-promoting politics is the fact that a single woman without backing of a father, husband or a son rose above the gropers and grabbers and made them fall on her feet from far..! Growing up back home in the midst of all this, we can just say "Dear Mr/Ms attire-policing politicians and officials, age, dress, place, time nothing stops the gropers... only a hard-hitting consequence of the action will, so just stop telling girls how to dress and teach boys how to behave!!!!"

Oh, so it is easier to let the women carry knives during commute than get the men to behave in our nation's capital. Deadly weapons dont make women feel safer, good governance does.
And why do we need a govt. and pay taxes?? Cough medicine for Kejri?????

I am hopping mad when I see this... I mean, come on, do we have to let the police or the govt. know there could be women criminals too, kidnappers, pickpockets and you want to empower them???

Going back home, I am not sure how the LO will react to it IF she were to face this.  Brought up in this part of the world where getting less than 1 feet closer to an individual is like invading the privacy to my motherland where some perverts happen to think a woman's body is all up to groping, grabbing and their personal property to do whatever the hell they want to do is a scary prospect.

I have been trying to write a story in few words but never until now...

  • "I hurt say thighs, me too say eyes"

 My contribution to this, I think in my mind is to go back talk to kids at school, boys in particular about this issue and make them understand, especially the govt. schools... the more I think about it, the better I feel.

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Sireesha said...

It's a sad state of affairs that has somehow came to be an acceptable normal social aspect. if one does it, it's wrong. If many does it, it becomes right?

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