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Jan 25, 2017

Sankranthi Movie Round-up

Pandagaki pindi vantalu vandinaa lekapoyinaa cinema choodatam maatram maanani ariveeraabhimaanam manadi kaabatti, after a long long time maa oorlo lekapoyinaa sare ballesukuni pakkoorlaki ellinatlu caresukuni pakka cityki maillu maillu drive chesukuni maree velli choosocchaamoch!!!

Happy Sankrati for me personally.

Satakarni - Dignified, decent and classy portrayal of a lesser known Telugu warrior - clear winner for me.

The kid has watched this movie 3 times in the theater along with her dad.  Krish, I have always admired for the quality of his work and it is a befitting 100th for Balayya.

Satamaanam Bhavathi - Pandaga, puttinooru, prema, clean, neat and feel-good.

Khaidi - A patience tester with distasteful comedy in spite of a strong story and a good performer.
A strong and tested story suitable for a larger than life hero who looks fit and presentable even at 61, songs and fights to appeal masses.. Good!!! Cheap, disgusting induced and unnecessary comedy track- pathetic!!! The boss could have done better without trashy additions to the original.

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