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Jan 31, 2017

Some things never change...

This past month has been a terror to me in terms of health, sudden weight gain, the constant 144 has gone to 152... and nothing else except for my laziness and couch potato habits are to blame.

After a lot of followup got an ob-gyn appointment which is truly long pending given my health scare when I landed in US 5 years ago.  Each year before the annual physical I end up being very strict and religious good habit follower only for those few days and when I get the results thanks to my good genes and not good lifestyle I get a bonus year of healthy life and fall back into my lazy habits.

A day after the results, nothing changes me on the couch whole day and like the OA says our recliner sofa is gradually tilting to a side thanks to its servicing me constantly.

Loved the engagement of Chai and Sam, the love is so palpable and hope the guy gets all the love and peace he must have craved for in his childhood, family compensates a lot but nothing like having parents together and in love with each other.  God bless you Chaisam.

I am trying to consciously update my pic blog every day, yet to get back to writing good.

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