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Jan 20, 2017

Unstoppable America - Trump

A rich businessman with no political contribution whatsoever, most controversial, most eccentric and undoubtedly the most unpopular and vocally unwanted contestant for the highest office of the world super power... Donald Trump is the 45th American President promising to make America great again.

I have been here 8 yrs. before when Obama was sworn in a historical election and now yet another historic swearing in ceremony and I am all glued to the television watching it.  I have never watched one.  The imposing mansion, the motorcade, the power it exuded and the power resting in one person to make a difference not just to his nation but the entire world is just wow-worthy!!

After listening to his not-so-surprising radical speech not forgetting what got him there, brand America, he is consistent!!!  and Yes, God bless America!!!

Much to the charging of a lot of my friends who wanted to be politically correct, I have been a vocal trump supporter to the point of being his Trumpet.  I am completely amazed the way he raced ahead in the midst of all the opposition and practically no support from his own party.  I am not particularly a fan of him in person BUT In my limited knowledge, there should be no cribbing NOW by democrats or people of United States it should have been when Bernie Sanders had to bow down to Hillary Clinton in the race from Democrats.  We cannot blame a person who won the race fair and free and all we can do right now is respect the democracy and not resort to civil unrest.

Coming from India, the mudslinging politics is the norm of the day and it does not feel odd but I was to be honest extremely mortified to listen to the debates which I am even more horrified to know that the students in middle school and higher needed to analyze as part of their learning.

But from the moment he announced his entry to the moment he is the elected President, he has made me admire his guts, the most prominent thing is not trying to be politically correct and wear his heart on the sleeve.

Whether this will bring out the bullies, supreme racists to the forefront, I am not really sure - there is always an underlying racism behind the subtle manners and political correctness that no one can deny.

Do I agree with the way he is portrayed to treat women - No, contrary to that, I cringe every time he gets derogatory.  All said and done, I can just hope and be positive that he will be extra cautious to not mess up with women ever again.

The moment of revelation of the extent of hatred to Trump came in when a scout mom calls to pull the child out as GS as an organization is taking part of the traditional parade at the inaugural of president swearing and the outrage expressed by quite of few of the leaders in our region as to why they dont want to have Melania as their girl's role model... come on!! gimme a break, that was what she did for a living and she did not run for a president her husband did and even she did, we have no right to demean her.. also a few people I know, who I personally find are racist to the core joining the women's march in protest of the person they consider is racist and anti-woman, everything I personally feel they are but have the sense to keep it to myself :).

Absolutely loved the way Hillary took it, the best and most soulful part of her campaign and everything before and after was her concession speech and the manner in which she carried herself after.  The popular vote winner yet losing to the rival, the dream vanishing into thin air, she took it gracefully.

AND... Michelle Obama looked very grumpy and cold, odd and out of place and I am not talking about her dress but her demeanor which seemed so unlike her...

man, the guts Trump has to call the previous regime a carnage with 4 other predecessors watching him in person..

The rain, was it a blessing from heavens or heavens crying no one knows, I guess it is your choice, take it the way you like.

I honestly hope that the press does not go all crazy anti-Trump and tear apart his youngest son for no reason and all goes well for the people of America.

The poster-boy US Prez gives way to the radical rebel...

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