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Feb 26, 2017

Immigration, Detention Centers, Humanity,World!!!

One thing that we get to hear a lot these days is "It is funny that a land of immigrants is saying no immigrants."   We come here leaving our motherland because this is a land of opportunities, maybe safer, cleaner, but definitely better than what we left back in one way or the other.    I hate fear-mongering by the head of a powerful nation in the world.  I hate the gun violence in this nation and  the man who shot in rage is almost always mentally unstable and should not be outside let alone have an access to gun.  I hate quite a lot of things that are making me jump out of my skin each time I hear about them not just in US but across the world.  I hate the fact that there is hate crime, I hate intolerance in people to various things.  I hate the word "manobhaavalu debbatinnayi". I know I am rambling!!!

Of late there has been a lot of discussion on Trump, his policies, the racism surfacing full force and a whole lot of things, needless to say I have been worked up quite a bit and with my foot in the mouth syndrome I tend to offer and pop in what I have to say even if it is not concerned to me in any which way..!!!

I am actually getting a bit tired defending my stand on many things and why should I when I am not doing anything about any of it.   So when a buddy puts across a point as to why I could still be wrong on the way I feel illegal immigrants be handled I have a choice to leave it or answer it and given that it is ME, I try to type away my thoughts and bring an order to them..

About the conditions in the detention centers in the link that was forwarded, it is undeniably inhuman.  Honestly I don't understand the concept of long-term detention, why not deport immediately?  I never followed or read about the legalities as to why, so no clue either.

These centers are not new late 19th century 1890s ninchi vunnay in Ellis Island.   Anybody could come in before, then they needed papers and eventually there was a detention center and finally there is a huge system set up to track and monitor.

I don't justify any of these living conditions BUT US does provide free public school education, basic healthcare without denying treatment, pro bono lawyers support with legal issues as much as possible.  How far thin can they spread their limited reserves in the trickle down?? We pay taxes but that is just not enough, and further increase would break an average person.  Healthcare, welfare and security too many things here.

America assists in wars they dont need to and create their own monsters and a whole lot of other things they do not do right and that is an altogether different hornet's nest.

If we  have an inclination or interest, we can go to our town planning meetings, schooling budget sessions and we get the ground reality.  Also, they have minutes posted on their Govt. Center websites for us to read and follow.  At a county level, they are by and large welfare issues.  There are drastic budget cuts everywhere, special ed funds are always on the radar each time school budgets are allocated.  Mandi perigite majjiga palchana typelo sakramanga vacchina vaallake dikku ledu ikkada, so I understand it when they are cracking a whip on who is coming in.

 I don't completely understand bureaucratic red tape here but when our downtown living started 4 years ago and the kid got into public school system, I started to take an interest and try to understand the law and system of this land because at that point I thought we were going to live in US the rest of our lives and wanted to know what I was putting the child in or chose to consciously make it our home.   I have personally seen various departments fight for their causes to get budget allocations during these sessions and every single item on the agenda seems a priority and must do but unfortunately there is only little money.

It is not just US, I guess every other developed nation has this problem or every nation which has a nation with unrest next to it will have the same influx, like Bangladeshi influx in India that is closer to home.

Ideally speaking every living being should have a right to freedom, health and education but practically it is not the case.  It is just that we are very sheltered and have the luxury of discussing this and not living this situation,  we can afford to do pro or anti arguments from our couches.  My heart goes for those who come here and put up with everything, this shows how much more worse life is back at their homeland but I still think immigration laws should be tighter.  People migrate all over the world for a better life but if there is no internal safety or welfare, we do not have any other piece of land left on earth that we can start everything from the scratch.

This is not pro Trump or his immigration policy argument, just what I felt strongly over the last few years irrespective of who the president is.  We are going back to India for good so I can keep quiet and let it be but somehow wanted to say why I feel the way I do.

Each time we see a homeless person on the streets when we are driving back at night, the little one says I am so sorry he does not have friends to take him to their home, can I be his friend. If we look at it from a child's perspective it is that simple bring him home, share our home and what we have.  I agree with her but am I bringing them home??? Now the reality is how wise or safe it is and how many can I extend that support to?? In a way, the nation that I am living in is my home too right!!! BTW, I am just talking about illegal immigration ONLY.  The implementation might be wrong but the concept is not is what the selfish me feels.

How much simpler would it be if there were equal opportunities for everyone every where and how I wish it were to be as simple as that, make friends and share and care!!!

Feb 14, 2017

Inaganti Venkat Rao - IVR

In the time and age where the term "genuine journalism" seems to have become an oxymoron, the one person I still continue to follow for his opinions on current affairs is IVR.

Used to read Uluku Paluku but back then did not pay attention to who was the author of the column or know about that person or his/her personality.  When I read his books, he came across as an unbiased author who brought into light a few things and dealt deftly bringing out the persona behind person in question.  Those reads answered some of my questions on NTR and CBN.  The fact that he was not a routine sycophant writing a book on his favorite politician or a public figure is what put him up there as my favorite writer.  Then came the Idream interview with him and there he has earned a dedicated follower in me.

With each party having their own channel and news paper, media has lost its credibility to a large extent.  Eenadu and Andhra Jyothy is what I still follow more due to habit than the credibility aspect of it.  "The Hindu" a publication which was once upon a time a bible for civils aspirants seems a very pale version of what it used to be, so from out here or for that matter anywhere it is difficult to get a clear perspective of the happenings around the world.

Always on hunt for a captivating TRP-raising story than constructive or investigative journalism, the standards of media have fallen down drastically.  Growing up I never could have imagined wishing News had a censor or A rating.  Time has come where I need to check if the kid is around to flick on a news channel.  With channels almost stopping news reporting and into news making, I have come to a point of feeling we are better with a frog in the life living.  Suicide selfie videos, prostitution sting videos, the so-called celebrity dirty laundry aired for hours.  The bigger issues concerning welfare of the state are sidelined if there is a problem in a household.

The same news aired on different channels would just give you their respective political affiliation in a glance truth being sidelined completely, it is just a channels version of the event presented than the actual news presentation.

In such a scenario, Editors time with IVR in Mahaa News an otherwise unnoticed channel comes out standing tall.  I love listening to this old-world journalist, who to me, has retained that genuine flavor, a dignified and decent discussion, the topics picked for discussion are often very enlightening and educating.  They weed off unnecessary junk and stick to what is relevant.  That genuine smile and a well-read and well experienced grandfatherly feel while sharing his insights makes it good to listen.

In fact of late I have started looking forward to this program, my staple for the day and of course, like in everything OA is more religious in his viewership than I am, even replaying some of the Editors Time videos on youtube :).

Thank you IVR sir.


Om Namo Venkatesaaya - it has got important information on how different sevas came into practice and all that, anni commercial elements kooda unnay, I was doubting how Venkateswara Swamy would look like but he just looked too good on screen, the best I must say.

I do not really enjoy the movies in this genre except for it is Nag doing the movie.  Also, seeing him in the devotee role seemed a bit repetitive though the backdrops of the movies are different. The commercial elements which is KR specialty is a major put off but it is a good movie in general, just not my type.

Jolly LLB - Very good movie.. I watch very few Hindi movies and I like it.  Akshay has done complete justice to the role.

Of late I have been catching up with old Balachander movies and some really old ones and feel that

Toorpu Padamara - A very bold movie for those times, interesting and intriguing.

Toorpu Velle Railu - A disturbing and heartbreaking story line, very good one.

Sindhu Bhairavi - A good one again.

Guppedu Manasu - Good one.

Seetamma Pelli, Andamaina Anubhavam, Antuleni Kadha, Chilakamma Cheppindi, Sister Nandini, 47 rojulu

Quite a few movies, actually there is something or the other in the backdrop... I come to a conclusion that the directors back then so much more freedom and good sense and brought to life such delicate and diverse stories.

Feb 13, 2017

Hot on TN Political Menu - Amma, Panneer, SK and Vidyasagar Rao!!

Last few days have been stuck-to-the-couch watching/reading days thanks to the political crisis in TN.  People, netizens mostly have come to acquaint themselves so much with political terminology and have become mini constitutional experts of their own right.  With just the recent Jallikattu victory in their kitty, with recent Vardah and just about recovering from the oil spill after a massive political and administrative crisis/backlog for the last 9 months or to be more precise ever since JJ took over as CM second consecutive term, this recent power turmoil is another setback to the state at many levels.

 In fact, the TN politics shrouded in mystery, criminal and corrupt thinking, and extra-constitutional interventions have always been nasty but I guess they got away with all this due to lack of information or communication.  Now with every tom, dick and harry having a smart phone even in the villages (it is not an exaggeration to say that an average Indian household definitely has a phone and a TV even when they do not have a bathroom) and access to FB and twitter, they feel empowered to say and make sure it is heard even though they do not know what they are talking about or have no idea of the consequences of their outcry, they would still want to say something.  How can they keep quiet about the latest outrage in TN, so this looks like another beginning of end of logical and sane politics.

As far back as I can remember no matter which party was in power, people cursed both Karunanidhi MK Family and Jayalalitha Jayaraman JJ equally and that has changed a bit only in the last few years with people thinking good of JJ due to her populist schemes.  Even today, be it OPS or SK it is for their own vested interested politics.

When OPS did the hi-drama meditation at JJ memorial at Marina Beach, people of TN overnight get a new hero, a relatively clean politician who had "Ammas Blessings" twice and her soul said to be running him and his current revolt.  A man who I have seen always bent low be it in front of Amma then or Chinnamma until recently, suddenly develops a spine and stands strong just in a few minutes.  The man who bowed down 75 days when JJ was admitted, equally a culprit in the mysterious days.  If SK were to be blamed solely for JJs degeneration and not giving medical support when needed, OPS shares the responsibility of not going public at that point and keeping mum for 2 months until he was forced to resign.  To an onlooker he does not have credibility.  The sheer hatred towards SK and the corrupt nepotistic politics of DMK puts OPS as a forerunner but what are his credentials??  If JJ who had the same allegations against her and the similar opposition from the then leaders after MGR can rise to power why not SK??  If she is that bad, why are people calm and in the wait and watch mode leaving it to the governor or the center to come to their rescue.  If they consider it is an outrageous thought to have her lead the state why not come out and protest??

Jallikattu protests, to me personally, is an outburst reaction of rejecting everything thrust down by center or for that matter any decision made by Northern India and thrust on TN be it Hindi or any national party.  I have always admired the way my Tamil friends are so protective of their language, culture and heritage, so proud in fact.  The kids here in US always speak Tamil very nicely, not in an accent but the way it is to be pronounced.  To my shock, their pride ends just there in their culture and language and not where the state is going unfortunately.  The deep rooted corruption, the resignation to their fate is what I cannot digest, how can goons rule the state so freehandedly and why did they just take it all lying down.  Why is there only Dravidian political party and no people-centric party evolving even today in spite of everyone cursing both the leaders.  These 2 parties jail the leaders in opposition but never take them to task, they just dump the other with a load of cases which they drag on for years (the current DA case being a classic textbook example of how to do the same).

Many people ask what is Modi doing??  Can Modi do anything??  Will TN people accept BJP making inroads in their state politics, NO, then???

If the people have that kind of a hatred for the person in question why support someone and do something unconstitutionally, let her be the CM, be sworn in, how long will it take to bring her down if people are so anti...

If keeping in view the public dissent, a decision needs to taken then the governor is holding the fort as long as he can possibly do in spite of being branded biased and we should give it to that man for that. I think this delay will surely result in pulling SK down in any which way, if she is in jail, then it is a diff. thing, if she is acquitted she still wont be able to sustain power if he calls her to swear in and gives a later date to prove her majority on the floor and then comes the time for the people to bend down their MLAs or plainly revolt or whatever. If in spite of all this, she gets there and stays there, TN people deserve this to have allowed corruption seep in through their very system right from 1st election.. TN has set a trend for horse-trading, twisting democracy to the point of making a mockery of judicial, constitutional system of India in 1952 itself and the tricksters have built on it to the point of no looking back now.

These are the questions I have as an onlooker.  The issue to me, an outsider to TN, feel like a tasteless bubblegum chewed and over chewed...  I say unleash, the SK monster on people and let them take it from there, if TN can fight for indigenous cattle breed, they can fight for themselves too and it is high time, they do.

They say the supreme court judgment will get the things going on.. let us see how it pans out...!!

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