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Feb 26, 2017

Immigration, Detention Centers, Humanity,World!!!

One thing that we get to hear a lot these days is "It is funny that a land of immigrants is saying no immigrants."   We come here leaving our motherland because this is a land of opportunities, maybe safer, cleaner, but definitely better than what we left back in one way or the other.    I hate fear-mongering by the head of a powerful nation in the world.  I hate the gun violence in this nation and  the man who shot in rage is almost always mentally unstable and should not be outside let alone have an access to gun.  I hate quite a lot of things that are making me jump out of my skin each time I hear about them not just in US but across the world.  I hate the fact that there is hate crime, I hate intolerance in people to various things.  I hate the word "manobhaavalu debbatinnayi". I know I am rambling!!!

Of late there has been a lot of discussion on Trump, his policies, the racism surfacing full force and a whole lot of things, needless to say I have been worked up quite a bit and with my foot in the mouth syndrome I tend to offer and pop in what I have to say even if it is not concerned to me in any which way..!!!

I am actually getting a bit tired defending my stand on many things and why should I when I am not doing anything about any of it.   So when a buddy puts across a point as to why I could still be wrong on the way I feel illegal immigrants be handled I have a choice to leave it or answer it and given that it is ME, I try to type away my thoughts and bring an order to them..

About the conditions in the detention centers in the link that was forwarded, it is undeniably inhuman.  Honestly I don't understand the concept of long-term detention, why not deport immediately?  I never followed or read about the legalities as to why, so no clue either.

These centers are not new late 19th century 1890s ninchi vunnay in Ellis Island.   Anybody could come in before, then they needed papers and eventually there was a detention center and finally there is a huge system set up to track and monitor.

I don't justify any of these living conditions BUT US does provide free public school education, basic healthcare without denying treatment, pro bono lawyers support with legal issues as much as possible.  How far thin can they spread their limited reserves in the trickle down?? We pay taxes but that is just not enough, and further increase would break an average person.  Healthcare, welfare and security too many things here.

America assists in wars they dont need to and create their own monsters and a whole lot of other things they do not do right and that is an altogether different hornet's nest.

If we  have an inclination or interest, we can go to our town planning meetings, schooling budget sessions and we get the ground reality.  Also, they have minutes posted on their Govt. Center websites for us to read and follow.  At a county level, they are by and large welfare issues.  There are drastic budget cuts everywhere, special ed funds are always on the radar each time school budgets are allocated.  Mandi perigite majjiga palchana typelo sakramanga vacchina vaallake dikku ledu ikkada, so I understand it when they are cracking a whip on who is coming in.

 I don't completely understand bureaucratic red tape here but when our downtown living started 4 years ago and the kid got into public school system, I started to take an interest and try to understand the law and system of this land because at that point I thought we were going to live in US the rest of our lives and wanted to know what I was putting the child in or chose to consciously make it our home.   I have personally seen various departments fight for their causes to get budget allocations during these sessions and every single item on the agenda seems a priority and must do but unfortunately there is only little money.

It is not just US, I guess every other developed nation has this problem or every nation which has a nation with unrest next to it will have the same influx, like Bangladeshi influx in India that is closer to home.

Ideally speaking every living being should have a right to freedom, health and education but practically it is not the case.  It is just that we are very sheltered and have the luxury of discussing this and not living this situation,  we can afford to do pro or anti arguments from our couches.  My heart goes for those who come here and put up with everything, this shows how much more worse life is back at their homeland but I still think immigration laws should be tighter.  People migrate all over the world for a better life but if there is no internal safety or welfare, we do not have any other piece of land left on earth that we can start everything from the scratch.

This is not pro Trump or his immigration policy argument, just what I felt strongly over the last few years irrespective of who the president is.  We are going back to India for good so I can keep quiet and let it be but somehow wanted to say why I feel the way I do.

Each time we see a homeless person on the streets when we are driving back at night, the little one says I am so sorry he does not have friends to take him to their home, can I be his friend. If we look at it from a child's perspective it is that simple bring him home, share our home and what we have.  I agree with her but am I bringing them home??? Now the reality is how wise or safe it is and how many can I extend that support to?? In a way, the nation that I am living in is my home too right!!! BTW, I am just talking about illegal immigration ONLY.  The implementation might be wrong but the concept is not is what the selfish me feels.

How much simpler would it be if there were equal opportunities for everyone every where and how I wish it were to be as simple as that, make friends and share and care!!!

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