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Feb 14, 2017

Inaganti Venkat Rao - IVR

In the time and age where the term "genuine journalism" seems to have become an oxymoron, the one person I still continue to follow for his opinions on current affairs is IVR.

Used to read Uluku Paluku but back then did not pay attention to who was the author of the column or know about that person or his/her personality.  When I read his books, he came across as an unbiased author who brought into light a few things and dealt deftly bringing out the persona behind person in question.  Those reads answered some of my questions on NTR and CBN.  The fact that he was not a routine sycophant writing a book on his favorite politician or a public figure is what put him up there as my favorite writer.  Then came the Idream interview with him and there he has earned a dedicated follower in me.

With each party having their own channel and news paper, media has lost its credibility to a large extent.  Eenadu and Andhra Jyothy is what I still follow more due to habit than the credibility aspect of it.  "The Hindu" a publication which was once upon a time a bible for civils aspirants seems a very pale version of what it used to be, so from out here or for that matter anywhere it is difficult to get a clear perspective of the happenings around the world.

Always on hunt for a captivating TRP-raising story than constructive or investigative journalism, the standards of media have fallen down drastically.  Growing up I never could have imagined wishing News had a censor or A rating.  Time has come where I need to check if the kid is around to flick on a news channel.  With channels almost stopping news reporting and into news making, I have come to a point of feeling we are better with a frog in the life living.  Suicide selfie videos, prostitution sting videos, the so-called celebrity dirty laundry aired for hours.  The bigger issues concerning welfare of the state are sidelined if there is a problem in a household.

The same news aired on different channels would just give you their respective political affiliation in a glance truth being sidelined completely, it is just a channels version of the event presented than the actual news presentation.

In such a scenario, Editors time with IVR in Mahaa News an otherwise unnoticed channel comes out standing tall.  I love listening to this old-world journalist, who to me, has retained that genuine flavor, a dignified and decent discussion, the topics picked for discussion are often very enlightening and educating.  They weed off unnecessary junk and stick to what is relevant.  That genuine smile and a well-read and well experienced grandfatherly feel while sharing his insights makes it good to listen.

In fact of late I have started looking forward to this program, my staple for the day and of course, like in everything OA is more religious in his viewership than I am, even replaying some of the Editors Time videos on youtube :).

Thank you IVR sir.

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