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Feb 14, 2017


Om Namo Venkatesaaya - it has got important information on how different sevas came into practice and all that, anni commercial elements kooda unnay, I was doubting how Venkateswara Swamy would look like but he just looked too good on screen, the best I must say.

I do not really enjoy the movies in this genre except for it is Nag doing the movie.  Also, seeing him in the devotee role seemed a bit repetitive though the backdrops of the movies are different. The commercial elements which is KR specialty is a major put off but it is a good movie in general, just not my type.

Jolly LLB - Very good movie.. I watch very few Hindi movies and I like it.  Akshay has done complete justice to the role.

Of late I have been catching up with old Balachander movies and some really old ones and feel that

Toorpu Padamara - A very bold movie for those times, interesting and intriguing.

Toorpu Velle Railu - A disturbing and heartbreaking story line, very good one.

Sindhu Bhairavi - A good one again.

Guppedu Manasu - Good one.

Seetamma Pelli, Andamaina Anubhavam, Antuleni Kadha, Chilakamma Cheppindi, Sister Nandini, 47 rojulu

Quite a few movies, actually there is something or the other in the backdrop... I come to a conclusion that the directors back then so much more freedom and good sense and brought to life such delicate and diverse stories.

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