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Jul 27, 2017

The decision, the move and beyond

Life is full of things unpredictable.  Nothing really works per plan and like the saying man proposes and God disposes.. things do happen which we have no control over.. when we moved back to US after a stint in India, we had seen a lot to decide that east or west, influences are everywhere and there is nothing like culture, tradition, comfort whatever (all in the mind), reality is way different than expectation and set about exploring that part of the world where things seemed lucrative financially and also emotionally where for the time being we are away from the various influences which may or may not have caused rifts in our then trying to come together for the kid kind of a relation.

Years pass, things go good on the personal front and we bond as a family.. 1st time after 5 years of married life, we begin to build a life that we wanted for us and the child and we have a home that we wanted to... the nest was rebuilt.  It is a small beautiful world of 3, life got from boring to exciting to boring to depressing to normal to exciting as expected over the years and then something happens on the job front and we are left with a choice whether to move on with a new job or just go back to the homeland and restart our life.  After a lot of ifs and buts and I cant, I might not be able to and all those thoughts about his job, we decide to take the plunge move back...

This time it is nothing against the life there or here.. of late, being there with the child, working closely with the system and the people, I understand that it is the same everywhere, racism I might want to scream at the top of my lungs exists in the west, but the fact is it exists everywhere, including my homeland where co-humans are assessed, gauged and treated as per their social, political, economic standards.. so nope, it could be one of the reasons (sense of belonging), it is majority the inability to stay back longer than anything else that played a part in the decision.

From my end, it was resistance scared about influences from both of our families, forceful interfering from both sets of parents/relatives was the primary concern... but eventually the more I thought about it, the better it seemed.. being in an alien land, surrounded by fear and no sense of actual freedom, I crave to go back and brave it all.

If the decision to move back and not work in the software anymore and live in a remote village was his, I took the onus of finding a place to live.  To go was his choice and where to was mine.  We narrow down on a village in krishna dt. as it is was better for kids education and then took it from there..

Schooling the major concern..  We had a few constraints,
we did not want to go for a hi-fi, all a/c, rich kid kind of school where I personally felt the kid loses touch with ground reality, so international schools were ruled out.
 Then the grinding schools - rote and more rote kind of schools like Chaitanya, Narayana, Bhashyam or whatever are tossed out because I hate that drill where it is just memorizing and replicating without a life except books..
The government schools were a big no no because of the crowd and other personal concerns.
The hunt went on for a couple of years, over the internet, asking friends, reading looking for a school tailored to our needs... then we hear about Vikasa Vidya Vanam and the more I know about it, the better and comfortable I feel.. the hurdles were our mental block about the medium of instruction being Telugu but then since the kid did exceptionally well in terms of English(Touchwood) we decided to take that as it is teaching in Telugu only up to 4th grade and complete switchover to english later on.. So, there it is.. VVV our school.  The hurdle was they did not allow us to bring the kid over in December when the OA finishes his project deadline, so I had to move in June so as not to disrupt her school year and also be able to retain the seat that was there for her..

The hurdles that we had, the questions we had to face before we did actually take the plunge is the point of another post.. but this is our point of view, our decision and our choice of life that we wanted to test, and here I am with a child who has not stepped in India in over 5 years with absolutely no family bonds or relations thank to unsocial nature of our parents, against all odds and living with people who think we are crazy to leave the land of opportunities and come to a school which does not force education, leaves the kids to play in sand and dust, instructs in mother tongue and many more (in other words ruin our child's life) and excessively intrusive relatives... trying to live our life the way we want to, without falling into the trap of everything surrounding us and try to raise a child who has good values than anything else...

A month into the journey, I am not yet sure if it is right or wrong but I am happy we are doing it now and not later... the kid is struggling to fit in but she is a brave heart...

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